Commemorative Packages

Commemorative Packages

BZOMEX provides the “Commemorative Packages” offer. Passionate and experienced people are engaged in the project. Take advantage of our knowledge and experience as many other companies did in recent years. Companies, Schools, Banks, Hospitals, State services and many other institutions regularly use the “Commemorative Packages” offer. We deliver packages/baskets anywhere in Poland.

The pleasure of giving

You can use our pre-made solutions or make an individual order, tailored to specific needs.

Pricing of packages/commemorative baskets is done individually, depending on the range, number, place of delivery.

Contact us

If you’re interested, please contact:
phone. +48 12 274-88-54, +48 12 274-83-41
Patrycja Brytańczyk phone. +48 12 274-88-54,
Magdalena Jędrocha phone. +48 12 274-88-54,

We will be happy to answer your questions, to advise, help in selecting perfect products for you..