We invite foreign Customers to cooperate.

Wide range of products, friendly and flexible approach, reliability, a very wide range of promotions, long expiration dates – these are just some advantages, thanks to which BZOMEX enjoys the trust of even more foreign Customers.

Currently, our company exports goods to: Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany, the Netherlands, Hungary, England, Ireland, Austria, Spain, Belgium, Canada.

If you’re interested in cooperation, please contact:
Michał Szczepański tel. +48 12 274-88-54, michal_szczepanski@bzomex.com.pl

Rafał Szymczyk tel. +48 12 274-88-54, rafal_szymczyk@bzomex.com.pl 

We will be happy to answer your questions, to advise, help in selecting perfect products for you.




+48 12 274-83-41, +48 12 274-88-54
+48 608-058-480, +48 608-063-703

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