BZOMEX Food Warehouse

BZOMEX Food Warehouse was established in 1992, and took its name after its founders – the Bzowscy family. Like many other, similar companies, we started in a modest fashion – from just a small magazine and one truck. Thanks to hard, solid work, today we boast significant technical potential and storage capacity, as well as the appropriate skills and conditions in order to provide services at the highest level. We are one of the largest trading companies in southern Poland. 

We provide comprehensive service to shops, shopping malls, petrol stations and wholesalers. We cooperate with retailers. Our offer includes more than 8000 products from nearly 180 manufacturers.


We work constantly to raise the quality of our services and still expand our product range to meet the expectations of our Customers.  

Thanks to our Customers, we can rapidly develop and implement modern technologies to improve cooperation. We provide communication with Customers throughout the country thanks to the network of sales representatives and e-Warehouse on the Customer Zone platform to ensure that your order is intact and delivered as quickly as possible. 

Our sales representatives support Customers through a modern mobile sales system and we deliver every order personally thanks to our own fleet of cars, equipped with a GPS system. We care for Customers and focus on their needs. We are flexible and know how to adapt to ever changing market needs. We provide a wide range of promotions, motivational and sales support programs. We build a partnership with our counterparties through every day, honest work.


By picking Bzomex you enter the area of completely new opportunities. Are you busy? Your time is extremely valuable - we know that. We also know what trade is. These are assumptions, on which we want to build mutual relations. Today we want you to know of all the possibilities that we create for you. Our team is entirely at your disposal. It’s the sum of experiences that were just a dream yesterday, and yet became reality, thanks to hard work.



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